Recently my Mom gave me a LOVE LETTER that my Dad wrote her when they were newly married and my Mom was pregnant with their first child, my sister Alison. It was February 1965 and it starts “My dear Sweetheart”. The letter is a true testament to the love they had for each other. It’s filled with such kind and loving words, expressing his longly to be home with Mom and gathering with Family. The way my Dad wrote to my Mom, is exactly the way I remember him. Kind, sweet, loving and dedicated. It’s extremely hard to put into words, what this HAND WRITTEN LETTER means to me. Just holding it in my hands makes me feel closer to my Dad. A CONNECTION! It’s his hand writing…it’s a connection different than a piece of clothing or a book he read. I never realized just how much seeing his handwriting twenty- something years later would mean to me!
My Dad passed away suddenly when I was 19 years'sletter

In 2013, I sat down shortly before my son’s 13th birthday and wrote a LETTER to him, I didn’t even know this LOVE LETTER from my Dad even existed. But now, I know that having this letter come into my life when it did is no accident. It really just reaffirmed for me, that I’m on the right track. That encouraging others to express their love through “handwritten” letters is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. More than an email or text message. It reminded me of how I felt every time my son would come home from school when he was little and hand us something he made with his adorable little writing included. Just the way they write Mommy & Daddy on their work means so much to us. My letter I wrote to Connor was just something I thought would be meaningful to him. A way to express myself in words and on paper just what he meant to my husband and I. It’s so hard to put that LOVE into words, but I just wrote and wrote, everything my heart was expressing and 6 pages later, I had a LOVE LETTER to my SON! I had no idea how he would react, but he absolutely loved it and we cried and embraced each other. That’s when it hit me, all the words of love & encouragement I had for my son in this letter needed to be the way I express myself with my art.

So sit down today or tomorrow with paper and a pen and HAND WRITE special notes and letters to those you LOVE in your life. Everyone that you want to express your love and appreciation for, especially your CHILDREN!

I’ve created a couple LOVE LETTER papers just for you. It’s my gift to YOU! Just click to enlarge and save. Write a LOVE LETTER today!